5 Books That Changed the World and Science, Must Read!

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History and science, walking on the basis of the behavior of biological creatures in the world, are not except using humans. Man uses the advantages of his intellect, can care for other living things with his behavior, actions, & thoughts. And one form of human thought that is able to replace global science yes, the book.

So many books are created by humans using exclusive topics. But the five books below, are not perfunctory books. Because using the birth of some of these books, it was able to replace global and science. It must have been filled with great thought by the author.

Want to understand what books can replace global &science? Let’s look at this article this time. 1. Il Principe – Niccolò Machiavelli

Il Principe’s book is based on Machiavelli, although mini &thin, but so able to update the way people think about achieving leadership. This book was published in 1532, where power was contested, and only certain people could gain power.

It was based on this empiric that Machiavelli wrote this book of Il Principe. How Machiavelli outlined explicitly how power would be attained at all costs. Certainly he is very supportive of someone able to commit violence &repressive to gain power and maintain power.

Thus according to that, il Principe’s book based on Machiavelli is so controversial until now. Until there is a Machiavellian nickname for an authoritarian leader who uses all means to gain power. The Muqaddimah – Ibn Khaldun

Perhaps we already know, that in the past so many Muslim scientists use critical thinking, able to make a very large contribution to the science we learn until now. One of these Muslim scientists was Ibn Khaldun.

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In his book The Muqaddimah, Ibn Khaldun describes all the early history of a caliphate after the death of the Prophet Muhammad. How Ibn Khaldun also revealed at length all human activities and behavior in that time. And it can be said Ibn Khaldun one of the fathers of sociology, history, anthropology, and economics.

And even the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, highly recommends this book according to Ibn Khaldun to read. Although it was published in 1377, what Ibn Khaldun wrote in this book is still relevant today. Wealth of Nations -Adam Smith

For those of you who study at the Faculty of Economics, it is certainly no stranger to using the figure of the world’s great economist, Adam Smith. He was nicknamed the Father of Economics after publishing a book that could replace the world & science, namely, Wealth of Nations.

In the book, Adam Smith repeatedly denounced countries that have protectionist governments. What is meant is how the government tries to intervene in market activities, which from Adam Smith can interfere with economic activity.

Therefore, Adam Smith tried to give the theory we now know as capitalism. How economic activity is driven by the market, and the government to a minimum intervenes using macroeconomic and micro-economic activities in the country.

Published in 1776, the book Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith until now as a benchmark economic system for developed countries, such as the United States & Europe.

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What we do know, that the economic system of capitalism based on the mind of Adam Smith, poly opposed by other economists, one of the most outspoken figures who opposed is, Karl Marx.

Karl Marx was nicknamed the Father of Socialism, who certainly contradicted adam smith’s capitalism. In his book Das Kapital, Karl Marx outlines a problem that would occur if the economic system of capitalism was applied, namely class conflict between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.

According to Karl Marx, by giving freedom to the market, making the owners of capital free in terms of reaping the greatest profit. Which leads to the marginalizing of the workers, namely the workers.

That is why Karl Marx tried to speculate that there would be a revolt of the workers or proletarians because of the distance between class differences. And even Karl Marx wanted the government to carry out all economic processes in a country, which we now know as the state of communism. The Origin of Species – Charles Darwin

Perhaps you are no stranger to using the figure of Charles Darwin with his theory of evolution. The theory of evolution was explained at length by Charles Darwin through his popular book, The Origin of Species.

With the publication of this book in 1859, it personally invited controversy, especially for people of religion. In belief we are taught that the first man was The Prophet Adam. However, Charles Darwin dared to risk his life, that human being is an animal that evolved from a chimpanzee.

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Charles Darwin was not without evidence on the theory of evolution. But previously he made observations to several countries in terms of looking for biological creatures that have not been identified. Because of these observations, Charles Darwin was convinced of his theory earlier.

Until now until now the theory has not been disproved, and even scientists recognize that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct and as an addition to the great science until now.

Those are the five books that can update global science. Of the five books above, which one have you read?

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