7 Examples of The Latest Knowledge Book Reviewers According to EYD

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Has anyone ever reviewed the book of knowledge? In this article we will explain how to review the book using well together for example.

But here we will discuss more in the book of knowledge well or commonly called using non-fiction books. Before we learn to review a book, we must first know the meaning or meaning of the reviewer itself.

Book review can be interpreted using summarizing a book and of course must be in accordance with the rules of certain rules. Before we learn to review books, we first understand the notion of reviewers. Here’s the explanation 😛 engertian Resensi 500px.com

Reviewers originated according to Latin, namely revidere or recensie which is the weighing, looking home, or judging.

In KBBI, a review is a review of a book. So reviewer is a brief review of the contents of a book, novel, magazine, drama or film that is generally broadcast by social media.

The act of review is to give an assessment, discussion, criticize, or convey the contents contained in a book. The purpose of the review 500px.com

Here are some of the purposes of reviewing the book:Invite readers to discuss further about the case raised in the work made by reviewers. Whether it’s a book, a novel or a magazine.Reviewers are formed to put more understanding and information to the reader about a work that will be reviewed.Give the reader consideration about the feasibility of a work to be read or published.Provide answers and news to the reader about the questions that are often asked by the reader about a work that has been published.Benefits of Reviewers sahabatnesia.com

Some of the benefits of book or novel review:As a matter of consideration & give a generic image to the reader about a work & to hypnotize them over the work earlier.Get money or rewards and books that will be reviewed perdeo according to the publisher of the book if the work he is reviewed in the newspaper or magazine.It is a means or medium of promotion of the book. The book in the review is a new book that has never been reviewed by others. Thus, reviewers are as a medium of promotion of the new book to attract the attention of people who like to read.Creative development. The more often we write, the more we will be trained to innovate more in writing. This is done to be able to share the creativity that we have.Type of Reviewer 500px.com

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Here are the types of book review:

Informative reviewer is a reviewer who only puts information about the content according to reviewers briefly & generically according to holistic books or works.

Descriptive reviewer is a reviewer that discusses in more detail in each section or chapter.

Critical reviewer is a reviewer in the form of a review in more detail with the methodology of science. Reviewer Element Element sahabatnesia.com

The following are elements of the book review or novel reviewer:

The identity of the book includes:Book TitleAuthor’s NamePublisher NameBook ThicknessYear of PublicationEdition Number

The identity of the book can also include the size of the book, the hue & description of the volume of the book. However, in its interests using the writing of reviewers this is sporadic once raised or formed.

The summary of the book is based on the mains contained in the book. However, because the book will be reviewed in the form of a novel, the way to determine the main points is different from non-fiction books.

The main content of the novel can be influenced using the circumstances and important events depicted in the novel.

The author is often told in novel reviewers. It deals with the background, expertise, behavior-attitudes, and works formed by it.

These sections are told succinctly and in general do not exceed one paragraph.

The figure of the author is generally listed on the first page or on the back of the novel. That’s where you can talk about the element of authorship.

For famous authors, you can read based on other sources such as on the internet.

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4. Advantages & Weaknesses of books

The superiority and weakness of the book in reviewers can be related to using novel elements. Against these elements, you can place judgment, be it according to simplicity, clarity, distinctiveness, problem mastery, and other aspects that you can determine yourself in sync with your creativity. How to Complete Knowledge Books 500px.com

Sections in Reviewing books:Reviewer titleThe title of the book will be in reviewIdentity of the bookSummary or synopsis of the bookAdvantages of booksLack of booksAuthor’s opinion1. Determine the Book That Will Be on Review

The first step that you must do is to determine the book that will be in the reviewer. Books that are worthy of review are books that qualify to be the following:Contains actual thingsGood qualityNever been on a reviewer.New publication

The identity of the book that you must pay attention to is the title of the book, author, publisher, city where it was published, year of publication, and how many pages are contained in the book.

Book Title: Muhammad Al Fatih 1453

Printed: Fifth, November 2013

Book Thickness : XXVI + 320 pages

Summarizing the contents of the book aims to get an image of the contents of the book. You must read the book thoroughly to be able to understand its contents. The summary should reflect the grand line of the contents of the book holistically. 4. Presenting The Advantages & Disadvantages of Books

After summarizing the contents of the book, you must write down what are the advantages & shortcomings of the contents of the book. That means you have to judge the book.

In that judgment, you can give a direct response to the book you are reviewing. Nevertheless, the assessment you give haris is done in a trust and objective manner.

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After you get the complete data, then the data you reviewer using a solid stroke of the pen.

And remember to make recommendations on the feasibility of the book to be read.

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Here are the steps to do a book review:Understand the content and purpose of the author in the book he madeHave direction on creating book reviewers, determining to whom reviewers are formedKnow or know the reader’s preferences and also the level of understanding of the readerMastering various disciplines as a benchmark when describing the advantages and disadvantages of the bookBecome a book observer & continue to diligently read the bookExamples of Knowledge Book Reviewers wallpapercave.com

Book Title: Master Faster, Accelerated Learning Smart Books

Book By: 193 pages Book Review

Master Faster, Accelerated Learning Smart Book is one of the books that Kaifa Mizan packaged simply & clearly. This book contains some tips so that readers can learn and understand faster on various sciences.

Fast learning is much needed in the 20th century. The flow of news is getting more accessible and growing so quickly, making us have to learn quickly. Not to mention the science that continues to grow and get higher.

This book shows the concept of learning quickly without making the reader feel exhausted. Therefore, this book will put tips, that learning quickly must maximize the potential of the brain we have.

As the author states that the human brain is a very sophisticated and powerful sense. But there is no guide to its use.

After strengthening the reader that our brain has tremendous potential, the author also excites the reader by convincing the reader’s self-awareness that we are all capable as successful people.

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