Reading can be less interesting for some people. What’s more, the era and technology that is growing are slightly shifting the human lifestyle. Such literature grew rapidly in the 50’s, however, its growth was not

Essays & Literary CriticismCopyright © Construction CenterAgency for Language Development & DevelopmentFirst Print, July 2017ISBN: 978-602-6447-29-6CURATOR/EDITOR: MAMAN S MAHAYANACOVER DESIGNER: ARIMUKTI WARDOYO ADISTYLIST: CYPRIANUS JAYA INMATE Published by The Construction CenterLanguage Development and Development AgencyMinistry

Title: TOEFL ITP® Preparation Course BookAuthors: Isli Iriani Indiah Pane, Sisila Fitriany Damanik, Mahmud Layan Hutasuhut, Johannes Jefria Gultom, and Winda SetiasariSummary: This TOEFL ITP Preparation Course Book is designed to help prepare teachers and

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