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You can be a cadet commander and be humane at the same time. ... - Ralph P. Swofford Lieutenant General, USAF (Retired) Past Commander of Air University

IAW CAPR 5-4 para 6a. NOTE: Use sub-bullets to specify the forms in question. Attach a copy of the prescribed official directive publication or

SPECIAL! NEW for AEMs! Join CAP as an AEM and become eligible for an EXTRA, NEW FREE Benefit: CAP STEM Kit Program . Select from one of five kits that will be yours to

CIVIL AIR PATROL CAPABILITIES HANDBOOK PAGE i Revision 3 6 November 2013 . I. NTRODUCTION. The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a national community service organization ...

BASIC COURSE LESSON PLAN 3.5 Continuing Education VERSION: April 2016 please verify this is the latest version by visiting

D. Goals and objectives provide a roadmap to success. MP II. Definition of a goal. ... A. Develop three goals for your unit to accomplish over the next year.

held during school hours as an elec-tive class supported by the volunteer ... “My favorite part of the pro-Civil Air Patrol Volunteer 15 January-February 2007

This pamphlet describes the Aerospace Education (AE) 215 Specialty Track and is dedicated to preparing CAP members for the responsibilities of becoming CAP

Complete another 1-page dossier on a STEM-related career field that differs from ... • AEX Advanced Math • CAP Satellite Tool Kit • CAP-TERS (remote sensing)

3 NATIONAL BLUE BERET Congratulations! The final slotting list for National Blue Beret has been released and you have been selected to attend this premier activity.