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EXAMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE BOOK REVIEWER – This time we will put an example of a complete knowledge book reviewer. Surely you already know what a book is. How to review this book of knowledge is still the same as how to review other books, such as reviewing fiction novels and non-fiksi.deweezz.com

It is clear that the purpose of review is to reveal to readers and the general public about a book published whether receiving good or bad appreciation according to readers.

For those of you who do not understand how to relax, what are the benefits of the reviewer, what things should be considered in reviewing the book, and what are the steps, see in our previous article entitled “examples of complete fiction novel book reviewers”.

After knowing and understanding how, the benefits, the purpose and the steps, you can personally begin to review the book to be resented. For details, check out the examples we presented about examples of knowledge book reviewers.

EXAMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE BOOK REVIEWER1. Examples of Review of Muhammad Al-Fatih’s Book of Knowledge 1453deweezz.com

Book Title: Muhammad Al-Fatih 1453Author: Felix Y. SiauwBook By: 320 pagesPublisher: Al Fatih PressYear Of Publication: 2013Sinopsis

Muhammad Al-Fatih 1453, a book that belongs to the category of non-fiction books of knowledge about Islamic biography and history. This book outputs the literary work of a convert and is now a famous confidant in the country, namely Ustadz Felix Siauw.

Studying the history of Islam, will have an impact on the spirit of self and pensiveness what makes us think then act better. That is the benefit, and do not abandon the history of Islam.

Ustadz Felix Siauw’s book “Muhammad Al-Fatih 1453” is a book that tells about the conqueror of the City of Constantinople the commander-in-chief.

Constantinople is a strategically located city, because it is at the crossroads between Europe and asia. Constantinople was the city with the busiest port.

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Constantinople is a city that receives a valuable and honorable opportunity to use as one based on the three greatest civilizations on the global. At the same time get the title, which is the city with the best defense system.

Constantinople had a three-layered city fortification, with a fortress height of about 20 meters. Nearly dozens of attempts at aggression to conquer only shape the failure of all. So it is claimed that the city took more than 8 centuries to conquer it.

However, in the end the city that has the most powerful defense was found to be conquered by a Sultan who became a great figure. He is Muhammad Al-Fatih, a great figure who not only became a political leader, he also led an ideology that would further increase his position in the eyes of the people and his troops.

He had the nickname “The Best commander”, because he was a figure who could move his army to conquer the city that had the strongest defense, Constantinople.

He believed that the bisyarah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which read “The city of Konstatinopel will fall into the hands of Islam. The leader who conquers it is the best of the leader and the army under his command is the best of the army.” (HR. Ahmad bin Hanbal Al-Musnad).

He died at the age of 52, using to have carved a very great work for Muslims. He forced the global to no longer underestimate Muslims.

It is very useful to add a broad insight into history, especially Islamic history. The style of language is very straightforward and clear, easy to understand. It can also be a motivation to continue to pursue everything about Islam.

Overall it’s been slick. Unfortunately this book is only 320 pages thick, because the story is only limited to that or shortened.

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Book Title: Introduction to the Philosophy of EducationAuthor: Drs. Uyoh Sadulloh, M.Pd.Book Thickness: 183 pagesPublisher: AlfabetaYear Of Publication: 2004Sinopsis

Introduction to The Philosophy of Education, a book of non-fiction knowledge by Drs. Uyoh Sadulloh, M.Pd. He writes in this book about what an education is. This book was published in 2004.

Education is an activity that is only carried out by the human being using a very broad scope, which includes the entire experience and mindset of people about education.

Education becomes an implementation in life, such as using other activities, such as trust activities, legal activities, and economic activities, and others.

In addition, we are also able to investigate education academically. Good empirically, which is based on experience. Or through the path of reflection using trying to see the meaning of education in a broader context. The first was claimed to be the practice of education, the 2nd called education theory. Excess

The author’s language uses communicative language, so it is easily understood by readers. From the other side able to put information about the value, the source of the value earlier, and how people are able to get the value earlier because of education that in principle cannot be separated based on values. Deficiency

Because this book provides understanding for readers, especially beginners, as a result the mandate expressed by the author is not conveyed to the reader.

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three. Examples of Reviewers of The Book of Great Knowledge Hypnoparentingdeweezz.com

Book Title: The Enormity of HypnoparentingAuthor: Yoan DestarinaBook By: 116 pagesPublisher: Spreader PlusYear Of Publication: 2010Sinopsis

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This book is a work written from the learning output by the author at the Faculty of Management of IPMI Jakarta with specialists in 1996 at the Human Resource Management event.

In this book it is written that success begins according to family. It is from the family that a person’s character is formed. But in fact, it is not uncommon for parents who encounter various kinds of difficulties in educating children. For example, facing the attitude of children who are sometimes lazy to learn, do not like to eat, naughty, believe themselves less, and others.

Hypnoparenting is one solution for parents who encounter difficulties for example. Hypnoparenting itself is based on dough between two terms, namely hypnosis and parenting. Hypnosis is not magic, but rather a knowledge and technique of communicating with the working system of reason. Then parenting is all things related to using parental tasks on educating children.

So basically, Hypnoparenting works using the working principle of hypnosis or communicating with the brain. Then try to find out how to educate children and become parents who can know the growth of children to lead to a better, happier and successful life.

Parents as the main culprits in this hypnoparenting, where parents must have spiritual and emotional intelligence that is powerful to help children optimize their abilities.

Parents should not educate their children to be smart, but must also be able to think imaginatively, creatively, and have stable emotional intelligence. The ability of parents is needed in using the right suggestion sentences for their children. Excess

A book that is very worthy of reading by all people, especially for parents. For parents who want their children as a better exclusive. Deficiency

There are many animated images in this book. There are many terms on foreign discussions that are difficult to understand among parents.

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