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Are you one of those people who enjoys reading? Knowledge books you can choose to accompany you in your spare time. By reading the book of knowledge, you are able to increase knowledge and make leisure more meaningful.

There are many books of knowledge that you can choose to read when you are free. By reading the book, you are able to get additional knowledge so that you do not need to be taught by others. Best Knowledge Book Recommendations

If you previously read fiction books, try once in a while to read books of knowledge. There are several books of knowledge that are right for beginners, for example the following. 

Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari

The first book of knowledge recommendation you can choose is Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. This book discusses the beginnings of human origins until this time. So, starting early humans repeld the animals of the past that used to rule the earth until now extinct. Then continues in this day and age where humans with various advantages can be number one on the planet.

The language used is quite easy to understand and the author also mentions what factors can make people as superior living things. In the book also reveals that human people can work together through language and imaginary order using mutual consent.

This book is highly recommended because you will be taken to past stories that may have been sporadic when you were in school. Homo Deus – Yuval Noah Harari

Still by Yuval Noah Harari, you are also able to read the book Homo Deus or a sequel based on the book Sapiens. If previously the author discussed the beginnings of human beings until now, in the book of Homo Deus, the author discusses humans in the future.

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There is much described in this book and most are concerns by the author. One author wrote how the sophistication of technology that is currently more dominant surrounded us. Then in the future, all the work is done by technology made by the human being.

Although the book arrived due to concerns by the author, it cannot be denied that Yuval Noah Harari can reveal authentically what the future holds. Guns, Germs, and Steel – Jared Diamond

Guns, Germs, and Steel is the next recommended knowledge book. This book discusses cultural disparities in various parts of the world. This book also answers why Europeans are far superior according to various kinds of art. 

So for those of you who feel curious, why the indonesian state is always left behind with a white country, then the answer is in this book. The author will invite you to explore and convey the history of culture, including Papua that has been visited. 

Cosmos – Carl Sagan

Cosmos by Carl Sagan is also the perfect choice for those of you who are interested in reading the book of knowledge. In this book, you are more likely to study science. If all this time you think that science reading is very boring, then out of sync using this book. 

So this book can make you more enthusiastic about the development of the universe. Cosmos’s book will reveal how every scientist is at pains to discover the mysteries of the planet, even to its roots. Reading this book can make you change direction, used to think science is boring, but after reading this book can make you love science. – George Orwell

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The 1984 book is a fiction book. Although a fictional book, but 1984 by George Orwell put a lot of knowledge. This book is a satirical of the ideology of communism that almost controlled the country globally at that time.

The author recounts the side effects that occurred when the state applied the ideology of communism. By reading this book, it will make you know how freedom will become extinct and all social order has been arranged by the party that always monitors its people. 

There are actually many more of the best books of knowledge that you can choose to increase knowledge. Not all knowledge books are boring to read. In fact, through these books you can get poly knowledge & increasingly interested in areas that you may not know before.

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