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The book of enrichment. For a teacher, especially teachers at various levels of education, of course, very understanding about the understanding of enrichment books. Enrichment books are known to be one of several handbooks according to a teacher to carry out their duties on learning activities. So, a teacher is required to have a handbook as well as compile the handbook.

The goal is of course to optimize teaching activities. So that the learning material can be delivered well and the hours of study in the classroom become effective. Because through these handbooks, a teacher can understand what should be taught and how to start learning.

In order to be more maximal in utilizing enrichment books, teachers must understand very well the understanding of enrichment books. Here’s the detailed explanation. Know the Understanding of Enrichment Books

When discussing the enrichment book, then in essence it is also mandatory to understand understanding according to the text book. Because the two complement each other – as a mandatory handle according to a teacher. Textbook itself is teaching material and learning origin that is very easy to find at once to use.

Teachers only need to read what is listed or written in the text. To then be applied to teaching activities in the classroom. In order for the contents according to this text to be understood basically no specific skills are needed.

Just need to read it carefully, so that you can know the material described in the book. Textbooks are also known to be compiled from the educational curriculum that has been set by the government. Textbooks in it also contain problem exercises that can later be applied to the classroom.

So that it not only contains an explanation of the material in theory but also the exercise of the problem, to find out which competencies have been mastered by the students. Content based on the textbook itself in its basis is more generally mastered to the main materials that hone the mind of teachers and students.

Then, what is the meaning of the enrichment book that is still closely related to the textbook described above? Enrichment books can simply be interpreted as the main book supporting books, namely textbooks, which are used by teachers to support learning activities. In addition, it can also be interpreted as a book that can be used as a standard reference in certain subjects.

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Content according to the enrichment book itself is an insight into science that will be useful to add knowledge and insight based on teachers who read it. The use of simple language makes enrichment books easy to understand among teachers. So that it is also easier to apply its contents to the class when learning activities take place.

Enrichment books can also be given to students or students to deepen knowledge and insight.

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The enrichment book itself then comes in several types or groups, namely: 1.

Enrichment books are classified from materials, and based on this aspect are formed 3 types of enrichment books. Here are the details: a. Knowledge Enrichment Book

A knowledge enrichment book is a book that contains a material according to a subject. So that his side can deepen and develop the wealth of knowledge according to teachers who read it.

The content of the material in the book of enrichment includes science, technology, art, and other sciences that add academic insight. b. Skills Enrichment Book

While making a book of enrichment of skills is an enrichment book that contains material about a skill. So that teachers who read it can receive additional skills to make a work.

The skills described in the book of skill enrichment are from an exclusive field. Examples such as:Chicken Cultivation bangkok by Dudung Abdul Muslim.Making an Electronic Hatch machine by Kelly S.Orchid Care Instructions by Hadi Iswanto.c. Personality Enrichment Book

Next is the understanding of the book of personality enrichment which is a book that contains material to enrich the personality or inner experience according to the reader.

The models for personality enrichment books are:The developed screen by St. Takdir Alisyahbana.Assembling and Building a Happy Family by W. Jay Batra et al.

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If reviewed in terms of presentation, then the enrichment book is then classified into 2. Namely: a. Science (Non-Fiction)

A scientific enrichment book is a book that contains material scientifically, there is no element of development and essays in it. The model based on this enrichment book is for example books on cultivation, farming, and so on. b. Non-Science (Fiction)

While for non-scientific enrichment books is a type of enrichment book whose presentation is not based in a scientific structure that focuses on following exclusive rules and standards. The type itself is like a model in the book of personality enrichment.

There is knowledge in it, but to spread personality and inner experience according to the reader.

Understanding the understanding of enrichment books such as illumination at the beginning, it can be known the character or characteristics it has.

Generic enrichment books will be different using other textbooks &taught handbooks.

The characteristics are:The material in the enrichment book can be a phenomenon (scientific) as well as an essay (non-scientific).The development of material in enrichment books is essentially non-related exclusively using a curriculum or basic framework.The material in the enrichment book is then presented famously and or using other techniques that tend to be innovative.The form of presentation of material in enrichment books is relatively diverse. It can be in the form of descriptions, expositions, narratives, arguments, poems, dialogues, & or using images into a form of presentation of material.The language used is formed simple to be easy to understand.The language used in enrichment books is a variety of scientific languages as well as non-scientific languages.It has contents in the form of matter but there is still no practice of questions such as teaching books.The material in the enrichment book is sourced based on data and news.

Form according to the understanding of the enrichment book itself and then as very diverse, and then can be used as supporting material in learning activities.

The forms of enrichment books that are not infrequently or not disappointing are commonly used are:Common books, including: comics, short stories, and novels.Motivational books, for example: biography, history book.Skill books: how to knit yarn books, origami skill books, etc.Knowledge books: tricks on learning, tricks to do homework, and so on.

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After knowing very well about the understanding of the synchronous enrichment book of the above lighting. So in the next term is trying to compile or write the enrichment book.

As a beginner may have difficulty to be able to write a good enrichment book and right. Because although there are types of non-scientific enrichment books, but the presentation must be appropriate.

So that the purpose of its preparation can be achieved when the manuscript of the enrichment book has been successfully completed. Check out the following tips to be able to compile the enrichment book properly and correctly as well as easy to complete: 1. Doing Analysis on Competence

The first tip to be able to write enrichment books well & valid and efficient, is to analyze the competencies they have. Adjust the theme based on the enrichment book arranged with competencies that are mastered and possessed.

It would be much better if this competence includes from basic competencies & also levels on it. Thus facilitating the process of pouring these competencies into the form of text on the manuscript of the enrichment book. These tips are mentioned the first time, because it is an important basis.

In general, the material in the enrichment book needs to be adjusted using curriculum and education. Or adjusted using SKKD (Competency Standards & Basic Competencies) at all levels of education. Starting based on elementary school, junior high school, to high school.

If you have difficulty analyzing or recognizing your competence. Then you can find understanding the details of the SKKD from various origins & media. So that it can be known from the combination of SKKD which competencies already have. Only then decided to compile an enrichment book from the competence earlier. 2. Drafting a Framework based on enrichment books

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